Fuel Gas Booster From Vacuum, to Burners for PT Indo Raya Kimia, Cikampek, Indonesia

  • Date: May 2011
  • Client and End User: PT Indo Raya Kimia, subsidiary of Aditya Birla Group, Gujurat, India
  • Project Type: Fuel Gas Booster to Burners (Impure Pipeline Natural Gas)

About this Project

Equipment Single Stage Liquid Ring Compressor, Vessels and Auxiliaries


Site water

Inlet pressure

50 mbarg

Discharge pressure

8 barg

Flow rate

3,550 Nm3/h

Installed motor power

1,000 kW


System modelling, fabrication, assembly, testing


Ruhr Öl Refinery, Scholven, Germany


February 2017


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Fuel Gas Booster to Burners (Impure pipeline natural gas) P069