Landfill Gas Extraction & Boosting

Mankind has for centuries disposed of unwanted objects by burying them. With the growth of the industrial age, the volumes of waste that have been disposed of in this way have increased to huge levels.

Organic components of municipal landfill refuse gradually decay, degrading to produce amongst other things landfill gas, which has a similar molecular make-up to digester gas.

Although environmental policy is now starting to curtail the development of new landfills, landfill gas will continue to be produced for many years to come.

The gas must be gathered and either flared or utilised, otherwise it migrates along the ground and can cause dangerous gas build up, in for example sewers or under buildings.

Low pressure centrifugal blowers are used for gas gathering, and higher pressure boosting is achieved with rotary positive displacement machines. GCL can also offer dehydration of gas and other cleaning if required.